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Play Baseball: Choosing the Best Baseball Bat One of the most important decisions in the game is choosing the best baseball bat. An ideal baseball bat should have the right size, length and weight that should be at a reasonable cost. In the advent of modern technology, baseball players have more baseball bat options comparing in the past. When it comes to baseball bat’s weight, those who are bigger and stronger prefer a bat that is heavier to ensure maximum power. Those who are smaller benefit from lighter baseball bats allowing faster speed. For you to know what is best for you, it may help swinging various types of bats before purchasing for you to know and feel what exactly you need. You have a greater reach if you use a longer bat and it allows you to hit the ball on the opponent’s side. Always remember that longer bats are heavier and having additional weight can slow your movements and speed. It will help swinging the bat for you to know the best length that suits you, and the best combination of weight and length will result to a higher optimum performance. In terms of barrel diameter, 2 5/8″ are ideally for high school and college, while 2 1/4″ are for twelve years old and below. Before purchasing your own baseball bat, it may help knowing what baseball requirement your league has. Let us also discuss the different baseball bat materials including composite, alloy and wooden bats. Composite baseball bats are made of carbon fiber multi-layered material. The weight distribution is balanced so the control is easier, while some are made with more weight at the end of the barrel. The advantages of using a composite bat is it minimizes the sting from a miss hit thus reducing hand vibration, and has a greater “pop” compared to alloy bats. Composite bats are more expensive than alloy bats because of its complex manufacturing process, and it usually require a break-in time before you are able to feel the “pop” , about one hundred fifty hits and over, rotating the bat in every hit. Long before composite bats were used, alloy, metal or aluminum bats already existed. Alloy bats are less expensive when compared to composite bats, no break-in needed, longer-lasting and can still be used even when damaged because they do not crack but dent. Ash wooden bats provide flexibility and are still used in adult baseball leagues. Maple is naturally harder, and it is mostly preferred by professional baseball players, featuring hardness and unmatched feel and sound in every contact. Maple has enclosed grains eliminating flaking, and has can withstand delamination.
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