The Easiest Way to Build Your Vertical Jump for All Sports

64Athletes, the vertical jump mystique seems to be the cornerstone of all athletic performance. How high is your vertical, what was his vertical, his vertical is too low, etc. This is heard constant in the sports world and sports testing/combines. It can be the difference of being a 1st round pick or a 3rd round pick; a seven figure contract or a six figure.

Make no mistake about it, to jump high there are 3 basic requirements: 1. Genetics 2. training 3. belief. If you fall at the 1st requirement, consider yourself lucky, but for most of us, we fall at #2 and #3 which is fantastic because it implies that we can do something about it.

Training for the vertical jump should not be complicated. All programs work. Some, like Jacob Hiller’s program are top notch and require dedication, and money. But for all Athletes, especially the beginner, the easiest way to increase your vertical leap is to SQUAT SQUAT SQUAT! If you maintain a low body fat ratio, and can squat to almost double your body weight, I would find it hard to believe that you cannot jump in the 30″ range. Strength to body weight ratio is the key. Do you know why most NFL players can jump higher than NBA players? It is because the average NFL player is much stronger. An informative article on this theory.

7 Reasons Why Bungy Jumping Is The Best Adventure Sport

64The thrill of outdoor adventure sports. Most of them death defying and bares an absolute image of risk in which people show much animosity. Despite the animosity, extreme adventure sports have been gaining much popularity all over the world. More and more people find themselves in these activities because of a most natural human trait – curiosity. Finding out why others can do it and you can’t. Zoning in on the fears that you may have which prevent you from finding out what it is like to engage in such activities. What’s good about adventure sports is that there is always a platform to start from and this start-off point is bungy jumping. The following 7 reasons make bungy jumping the best adventure sport for budding adrenaline junkies and absolute enthusiasts.

1. It’s a great beginner sport for extreme aficionados. Very little training and know how is required. Neophytes to the sport need not purchase their own equipment, plus suitable locations are spread throughout the globe which makes it so easy to find.

2. It’s safer than it looks. Jumping off a platform that is over 100 feet high with only an elastic cord attached to your ankles is not exactly a day to day routine and would certainly look very dangerous. Once you get to know the sport, you will realize the intense maintenance that bungy jumping equipment goes through. The training that the facilitators have and the extensive accreditation that has to be obtained before they can even talk about bungy. A bungy jump is mostly seen as a carefree act of liberating one’s soul from deep seated fears, chronic stress or simply a crazy man’s notion of fun. The nitty gritty procedure of ensuring a jumper’s safety is often hidden behind people oscillating, jumper’s screaming and rejoicing one jump after the other. If security of this activity is the question of the day, just come to think that bungy jumping has come a long, long way and all throughout its journey, safety has always been the priority.

3. One bungy so many ways. Bungy jumping has been on the market for such a long time that improvisations on the jump have been created to provide more chill and more thrill. To date variations range from the traditional ankle bungy jump to bungy trampolin and bungy rocket where the participant is catapulted up from the ground, and the twin towers.

4. A bungy for all occasions. This is a great adventure sport because you can urge your friends to share the experience with you. Desperate to have your best friend join you? Then you can give them an adventure similar to yours as a gift! Something that they cannot refuse and will be thanking you for, for the longest time.

5. Standalone or combine with other extreme sports, bungy jumping is sure to give you a fired up extreme atmosphere that will keep you buzzed for weeks!

6. The view to a thrill. Bungy jumping involves great heights which bring about two things, fear and a spectacular view of the surrounding area. One compliments another as some people use the spectacular sights as a means to pacify the fear of the drop.

7. A Repeat Performance. Unlike most of the extreme sports on the market, bungy jumping allows you to do one jump after the other. Some outfitters even have the option to hype up your game by upgrading a simple jump to a more complex and extreme one.

Vertical Jump, the Pride and Bragging in Sports

63There is always a particular pride and brag factor attached to every sport or practice. In track and field events, and most team sports such as basketball, football, volleyball vertical jumps are used by athletes as something to brag about among themselves. But what is a vertical jump anyway?

A vertical jump can be defined as the ability to raise one’s center of gravity higher in the vertical plane solely with the use of one’s own muscles. It is a measure of how high an individual or athlete can elevate off the ground from a standstill. Some people may go further and define it as: The ability to perform jumps of a height many times that of the human body. It could also be explained as being the ability to travel long distances with a flitting, continuous motion as if flying. However you look at vertical leaps, the one thing for sure that is true is that many athletes are now using it as a point of measuring performance. The better you are in your vertical leap, the more pride you have I the team or in your group. In other words, the higher your jump, the better you feel among your team mates.

Since vertical leaps have become so popular in the world of sports, there are so many athletes who would kill, just to bit the recode in vertical jump. As of now, a jump of more than 40 inches is considered as quite unusual. That not withstanding there is continuous tracking and measuring of the various jumps in various tracks and filed events. As more and more people keep training and perfecting their vertical leap skills, chances are that we would in the near future see even more and more athletes performing vertical jumps of 40 inches or and more.

Do you want to learn how to Increase Your Jump height? If yes, then you need to discover this vertical jump training program that has been helping thousand of athletes allover the world to increase their vertical leap!

The Ability to Jump High Does Not Come From Birth

62We all know how the vertical jump concept has become really popular among most athletes. Especially in basketball where vertical jumps are a real measure of performance and a reason for pride amongst team members and their fans, players usually have that constant pressure to perfect their jumps as much as possible. With a high jump, basketball players won’t only be able to dunk a ball, they will also be able to defend their goals and make faster rebounds. All these advantages help teams a great deal, to defend more efficiently, score more goals thereby winning more games. That is why most coaches require folks who want to join their teams to have a minimum vertical leap height before they can join the team.

This may sound very wired but it is true. Vertical jump heights are now used in many sports as a performance indicator. The higher your vertical leap, the better for you and your team, since you will have all the advantages high jumps offer to any team. But how do athletes get these good jumps?  Dose the ability to jump high comes from birth?

Well that is a question that has been argued by many athletes and coaches for quite some time now. As for me, I really think anyone can practice how to jump high. The more efforts you put in your practice, the better results you will see. So I guess the answer to the question is simply NO, The ability to jump high dose not come from birth. Anyone can always acquire it though workouts and special exercises. It is true that some people are born with some jumping talents.  But with the use of some simple workouts and vertical jump exercises, you can always enhance you leaps as much as you want.

This article is meant to encourage those who think they can’t perform high quality jumps. Some of your team mates or friends maybe discouraging you by saying you can’t make it. But think again. Most of the popular NBA stars were not born with the jumping capabilities they have. They acquired those talents during their constant training.  With the help of some jump programs and vertical jump systems, you can increase you vertical leap to the heights you want.

There are actually numerous exercises you can use for increasing your vertical leap heights. There are also a great deal of programs and systems out there just waiting for you to use. But before you join any, you should make sure you have enough information on them. As for exercises, the most talked about are squats, knee bends and deep knee bends. You can always find more workouts by doing some research on the internet.  Just go ahead and work towards improving your jump abilities as much as you can. Good luck!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Jump Rope Sport

61There are some misconceptions about jump rope workout. Of the common Misconceptions is that it leads to serious lung and heart problems and prolapsed uterine in women and that it may cause them bleeding in a date other than the menstrual cycle date, all these beliefs and concepts are incorrect.

Jump rope sport is considered by many fitness specialists as the first full fitness sport after swimming. Jump rope works on all body muscles, especially back muscles, abdomen and the lower part of the body. It also strengthens the ligaments of the feet and knees as well as improving the performance of the heart and respiratory system.

Rope jump workout should be avoided by the women during the menstrual cycle so as not to increase it, as well as during months of pregnancy so as not to cause abortion. It also should be avoided by people who are suffering from some chronic diseases such as heart, asthma and erosion of joints or rough knees.

Sports and fitness specialists suggest the following tips for those who wish to practice some jump rope, so that it would be fun and safe sport:

– Start by warming up for three to five minutes by walking fast or jogging in the same place.

– Finish by cooling for three to five minutes by walking slowly to rest the body until the pulse return to normal level.

– Use healthy sneakers and wear clothes that will not hinder the rotation of the rope.

– During exercise, hold the rope firmly and consistently.

– Let your elbows be close to your body, and your shoulders should be relaxed.

– Bend your knees slightly and use your forearms and wrists to move the rope in an arc passes over the head and under the feet.

– keep your head up, your back straight and do not bend forward during the jump exercise.

– It is not necessary in this type of sport to jump very high because that could adversely affect the joints of the feet and knees.

– For women, it is preferable to wear a bra to maintain the stability of the chest during the jump sport.

So, jump rope sport is just like any other sport, it has its benefits and its harms. Jump rope is one of the simplest, easiest and most enjoyable sports and the least expensive. It can be exercised at home or in the open air by both sexes and all ages.